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Terms and Conditions

*Terms & Conditions of Hire in relation to Bhangra Mascots (also known as 2L Productions and 2L Entertainments)

Bhangra Mascots Hire Agreement:

This Agreement is between Bhangra Mascots (herein after called Bhangra Mascots) and the named party on the reverse (see Hirers Signature) (herein after called 'the hirer’).

The Agreement will be in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions unless and until an alternative is specifically agreed between the Parties.
The term Bhangra Mascots, hereby represents Bhangra Mascots, Bhangra Mascots Staff, Bhangra Mascots Equipment and Property owned or hired by Bhangra Mascots.

Clause 1 – Deposit and Cancellation
Bhangra Mascots requires the hirer to pay a minimum deposit of exactly half the overall package sum on the day of contract signing. However, an alternative amount can be agreed at the discretion of Bhangra Mascots. This payment must be paid in the form of cash (English sterling), or by bank transfer, or cheques made payable to “B. Tak”.
If the hirer decides to cancel the hire of Bhangra Mascots after 2 weeks of signing the contract, the deposit monies therefore belongs to Bhangra Mascots and shall not be returned to the hirer. However, if the cancellation is any time before 2 weeks from contract signing then the money shall be returned in full, unless the cancellation is within 7 days prior to the contracted Date of Event, then the hirer will pay the full balance to Bhangra Mascots.  Payments must be made with 14 days of cancellation.  Any resistance to this payment shall be settled via legal actions.

Clause 2 – Second Payment
If for any reason, Bhangra Mascots has accepted a part-payment of the overall sum of hire on the contact signing.  The remaining amount must be paid to Bhangra Mascots, at least 4 days prior to the Date of Event in Cash, or 14 days prior to the Date of event by cheque or bank transfer.  If the monies are not received on time, Bhangra Mascots have the legal right to terminate the contract at any time, even on the day of event.  Bhangra Mascots has the ability and right to pack up all equipment and belongings and leave the Venue of Event, without any hassles from anyone attending the event, including the hirer themselves.  If the hirer has not paid the full overall hire payment to Bhangra Mascots by the day of event, an additional charge of £10 per day (from the day of event, to the date of the final payment) will be paid by the hirer to Bhangra Mascots on the day of the final payment.

Clause 3 – Abuse towards 2L Productions
Bhangra Mascots has the ability to pack up all equipment and belongings and leave the Venue of Event if any trouble is to arouse which seems therefore unacceptable for performing conditions by Bhangra Mascots or any of its members of staff.  If any resistance or arguments or physical violence is displayed to Bhangra Mascots members or property, then Bhangra Mascots has the ability to carry out legal actions or otherwise contact the police and our security staff to attend the event to collect all equipment and property.  Bhangra Mascots reserve the right, not to perform under such circumstances at no financial loss to itself.  Hence the hirer agrees to pay the full contracted booking charge.  Any resistance to this payment shall be settled via legal actions.

Clause 4 – Accidental Damage 1
If any accidents occur during the event or if for any reason Bhangra Mascots cannot perform, therefore Bhangra Mascots has the right to leave the event and shall not be held responsible and no legal actions against Bhangra Mascots shall be carried out. 

Clause 5 – Accidental Damage 2
If throughout the event any equipment or property belonging to Bhangra Mascots is lost, damaged or stolen, then the hirer is solely responsible for any costs needed to either replace or repair the equipment or property in question.  If this payment in not received within 14 days of receiving the bill for the lost, stolen or damaged equipment or property, then Bhangra Mascots is entitled to carry out legal actions in which the hirer shall receive a £1000 fine in addition to the bill costs, to cover any costs arising from the legal actions.

Clause 6 – Over Time Charges
If during the event the booking duration exceeds 3 hours from the Performance Start Time, then there shall be a surcharge of £50 per half hour, and the overall extra charge must be paid to Bhangra Mascots in full before the over time begins.  If this extra charge of monies is not received, Bhangra Mascots is entitled to legal actions, and reserve the right to pack up all equipment and property and leave the event without any abuse or hassle from the hirer or his/her guests.

Clause 7 – Breach of Contract
Bhangra Mascots has the ability to terminate any agreements of this contract and the booking at any time, if the hirer breaches any of the Terms & Conditions stated in this contract.  If the contract termination is during the event, the hirer is still required to pay the full overall charge stated on the reverse of this contract.

Clause 8 – Access
Safe and easily accessible loading areas must be made available for Bhangra Mascots and its equipment and personnel.  If Bhangra Mascots are required to move equipment or property up stairways, without prior written notice, the hirer must pay Bhangra Mascots an additional £50 per floor level, from the ground floor level.  Free parking must also be available for all vehicles used by Bhangra Mascots.  If any costs are incurred on the day of event, these costs must be cover by the hirer.

Clause 9 – Omission, Neglect, injury...
The hirer is solely responsible for any costs arising from any act, omission, neglect, injury, damage or loss caused by him/herself or any of his/her family, guests, attendees or service-providers to Bhangra Mascots or any person, persons or equipment their-of.

Clause 10 - Postage
Bhangra Mascots do not accept proof of postage of any agreement, instruction or amendment as proof of delivery.  This application of hire is acceptable only if fully completed and returned with the required payment to Bhangra Mascots within fourteen days of the 'Date of Issue'.  Bhangra Mascots reserve the right to reject any application without obligation or requirement to give any reason or justification.

Clause 11 – Changes to Contract Agreements
Bhangra Mascots reserves the right to change or vary the Terms & Conditions of this agreement at any time as a result of any new legislation, statutory instrument, government or in-house regulations or licenses and to make amendments to the standard Terms & Conditions of the said agreement.

Clause 12 – External Performances
The hirer will ensure that there is a clean and private changing facility at the venue of event, to allow Bhangra Mascot performers to change and store any equipments and belongings.

Clause 13 – Stage Area
A safe stage or performance area of no less than 5 metres from left to right and 2.5 metres from front to back is required for Bhangra Mascots.  A minimum of two double power points on a 30-amp mains ring are required on stage for use by Bhangra Mascots only.  It is the hirer’s sole responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient space available to place all equipment’s, without blocking any fire exits (unless permitted by the venue).   The hirer will still be liable for the full agreed payment, even if Bhangra Mascots are unable to use certain equipment’s due to lack of space, or if your venue does not permit the use of certain equipment’s. 

Clause 14 – Changing Facilities
Clean and private changing facilities must be available for Bhangra Mascots.  A break for refreshment lasting for approximately fifteen minutes will be taken by Bhangra Mascots at a convenient time during the performance.  The hirer is responsible for ensuring that food and soft-drinks/drinking water is supplied to the Bhangra Mascots staff.

Clause 15 – Licensed Venue
The venue must be suitably licensed for such performances, and is solely the hirer’s responsibility.   The venue must also have an adequate power supply and onsite technician to assist in the case of any power failure at the venue.  Bhangra Mascots will not be held liable for any delays caused by the venues power failure.

Clause 16 – Service Amendments
In the rare occasion where any injuries to staff or a fault with certain equipment’s or vehicles may have occurred, Bhangra Mascots has the right remove any services, or the use of certain equipment’s from your package without prior notice. However, Bhangra Mascots reserve the right to offer any discount out our discretion.  If such matters occur prior to the date of event, Bhangra Mascots will attempt to make alternative arrangements or communicate any issues with the hirer at the earliest convenience. 

Clause 17 – Performance time
The hire of Bhangra Mascots means that Bhangra Mascots must be in the building of the event by the hirers requested time, however 60 minutes must be given to Bhangra Mascots to set up any equipment’s from the initial booked start time allocated by the hirer. 

Clause 18 – Health and Safety
The hirer is responsible for ensuring that Bhangra Mascots have full and appropriate access to the venue and performance area at least two hours prior to and after the agreed start and finish times respectively.  The hirer is further responsible for ensuring restrictions arising from Fire and Health & Safety regulations in force at the particular venue are communicated to Bhangra Mascots for the purposes of the detonation of theatrical pyrotechnics.

Clause 19 - Postage
If the name and full postal address details for a venue on the application are incorrect or omitted, and when subsequently the correct details are communicated to Bhangra Mascots the venue is deemed to be unsuitable for the purposes of Bhangra Mascots, the booking application will be immediately cancelled and the hirer will be notified in writing or via verbal communication about the cancellation.

Clause 20 - Pyrotechnics
If the hirer orders any pyrotechnics, then it is the responsibility of the hirer to notify the venue owner of such pyrotechnics being used at the event.  The hirer must ensure that it is safe to use such pyrotechnics and if the venue management allow such effects.  Bhangra Mascots in not responsible for any accidents or problems cause by pyrotechnics and the hirer agrees full responsibility of the use of pyrotechnics.  Bhangra Mascots are not be responsible for contacting the management of the venue of event, to find out whether the ordered pyrotechnics are suitable for that venue, this responsibility is that of the hirers and the hirers only.

Clause 21 – Additional Tips Earned
On stage tips belong to Bhangra Mascots in addition to the overall charge and surcharges.  However, the hirer can purchase the tips made on the evening for a charge of £100 in addition to the overall charge of hire, on the day of contract signing, before the event itself.
Note: Bhangra Mascots shall not be blamed, if the tips made on the day of event are less then what the hirer paid to receive them.  If the hirer is to lose out on this method, the hirer must still pay the full price agreed for the event, including any extra surcharges, which have come about due to the clauses stated in this contract.

Clause 22 – Song Requests
All song requests must be provided to Bhangra Mascots 14 days prior to the date of event along with the hirer’s event itinerary.  All song requests should be no more than 5 song titles. Any additional requests may be obtained at our discretion.  Bhangra Mascots will not be held liable for the non-use of any song title, even if requested by the hirer. 

Fees and Refunds Additional Notes
Any additional surcharges and fees can be reduced or removed completely at the discretion of Bhangra Mascots.  Any refunds may be provided via credit notes for Bhangra Mascots services or in cash at the discretion of Bhangra Mascots.


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